The following competencies are required for this position:


Qualifications & Experience 1.1    Matric/ Grade 12

1.2    Relevant tertiary qualification will be advantageous

1.3    Min of 4-6 years’ experience in Crop Management

1.4    Computer Literate (MS Office)

1.5    Ability to communicate effectively in English (both verbal and written)

1.6    Ability to work under pressure and to work over weekends and on public holidays.

1.7    Valid driver’s license and own reliable transport

Skills & Abilities 2.1 Growing


1.    To maintain a high level of production with emphasis on timing, quality and yields – in that order.

In order to achieve this, the following areas are his responsibility:

    1. Loading of compost
      • Monitoring compost Temp especially phase 3 compost.
      • Feedback to Farm Manager/ Senior grower any concerns relating to the compost.


    1. Hygiene and Housekeeping
      • Check passage is washed down morning and evening
      • Check fly poison is applied in the agreed places
      • Check dip trays are clean and filled with correct chemicals
      • Formalin is sprayed in rooms after unloading and cleaning
      • Check pickers are dipping feet when entering a room
      • Check open white mushrooms are being removed from the beds.
      • Feedback to Picker supervisor if pickers are not cleaning beds.
      • Ensure cook out of crop to 68°C in air and 65°C in the compost.
      • Check coils are cleaned with cleaning agent after every cycle.


    1. Casing Soil
  • Work with the preparation department to achieve the best possible result in terms of moisture and structure.
  • Check preparation of the bags is being done as per the agreement at that time.


    1. Spawn growing rooms
      •  Check temperatures are being maintained at 24 / 27°C and the surge anticipated while conducting the 07h00 and 15h00 round
      • Check humidity levels kept as high as the equipment available allows.
      • Check climate of the spawn room is within parameters.
      • Check growth and monitor condition of compost in the spawn growing rooms.
      • Ensure calibration of thermometers are checked. Report any probes that appear to be inaccurate to Baring.


    1. Growing Rooms:

Ø  Temperature, humidity & Co2 levels monitored and recorded at least 3 times a day. (7am, 12pm, 15pm)

Ø  Growing the crop to the highest standard

Ø  The flushing techniques maintained as laid down by management to produce consistency.

Ø  Control and manage the watering quantity and chemical or pesticide requirements

Ø  Check and take corrective action regarding the functioning of the actuators, heating and cooling units.

Ø  Check the Mixing of chemicals and control their applications.

Ø  Ensure cook out of crop to 68°C in air and 65°C in the compost.

Ø  Ensure filters, wet-bulb wicks are cleaned or replaced once the room has been emptied

Ø  Ensure teapots always contain distilled water and wicks are kept clean

Ø  Check the waterers have cleaned the exhaust filters.


    1. Heating, humidification and Cooling:

Ø  Check the central Air Supply system is working to required standards.

Ø  Check boiler is operating correctly

Ø  Check chiller is operating correctly

  • Check humidification plant is working correctly
  • Check hot water tank is operating within temperature range 30 to 45 deg C


    1. Staff:

Ø  Waterers checked and their performance monitored

Ø  Check disease control people.

Ø  Pickers are your responsibility via their supervisors. You must oversee that they pick correctly following all picking and hygiene standards.


    1. Maintenance:

Ø  It is your responsibility to inform the senior grower or farm manager any maintenance issues that you have identified

Ø  Fill out CARS if required.

Ø  Carry out simple maintenance to alleviate pressure from the maintenance crew


    1. Hygiene:

Ø  Check Trash removed from the passage daily

Ø  Check Stem bins and stem trailer emptied in the morning

  • Check the washing down of passages and rooms
  • Check for loose mushrooms and stems on growing room, passage floors and drain as well as crates and punnets
  • Ensure footbath are clean and filled with G-side and water
  • Ensure spawn & growing room filters are cleaned at the correct time.
  • Check that climate coils have been washed before loading the room with new compost.

Ø  Dust kept to a minimum


    1. Ordering:

Ø  Weekly stock take of chemicals and supplies and place necessary orders.


    1. Administration


Ø  Capture the necessary data required for morning meetings

Ø  Conduct morning forecast for feedback into morning meetings


    1. Policies and Procedures


Ø  Ensure that all growing activities are conducted in accordance with the growing policies and procedures as laid down by management.


    1. Week end Duties

Ø  To manage the farm and to resume the roles of a Farm Manager.


Behavioral attributes  

3.1.          Effective interpersonal skills

3.2.          Well-developed change agility

3.3.          A positive, determined and professional approach

3.4.          Ability to work under pressure

3.5.          Results driven

3.6.          Innovative thinking

3.7.          Dynamic and energetic individual

3.8.     Ability to inspire and motivate own teams as well as the departments which interact with the sales team

3.9.     Ability to think and plan strategically with a proven track record of strategy execution

3.10.        Skills to work both independently as well as in a team

3.11.        The capability to flourish in a competitive environment

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